Paradigms Teaser #4

New teaser is out, featuring Kristoffer Gildenlöw on bass

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Hey friends. I hope life is treating you well and not being a bitch.

Now that we’re all waiting (including myself) for “Paradigms” to be released, I wanted to ask what are your expectations from the new album? This is my first second album… I hope that was confusing enough. I mean it’s the first time I release a second album for a band I’m in. I’m quite aware of fan reactions to new releases, as a fanboy myself I’ve been through a few of those myself. I’m keeping in mind the phrase “You can’t please everyone”, but I’m still hoping to do so.

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I’m finally mixing down all tracks in each song and preparing to send them over to Alex Argento to start mixing and mastering.

It’s a tedious, repetitive and not a fun process, but needless to say it’s absolutely worth it. I know when Alex moves his magic wand it will brighten up all the songs and add an extra spicy flavor to them, and no I’m not talking about the wall of sound everybody and their cousin are doing nowadays. In fact I always ask Alex to avoid going down the loudness war road.

Home Studio

And now my watch begins.

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Hello from Europe! My trip in Amsterdam has almost come to an end. Packing my bags to fly to London tomorrow morning.

I ran into this Swedish dude in Amsterdam today. Any ideas who he is ? 😉
Cheers Kristoffer!

Kristoffer Gildenlow

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A few updates from Semantic-Land.

I decided to extend the crowdfunding campaign for two more weeks. why? Eh why not.. IndieGogo suggested me and I obeyed, but apparently I can only extend it once. So this is your last change to pledge

Yesterday, I wanted to take a break from working on the album cover. So, I started streaming my work on the first digital painting portrait for the backer Gaurav Dubey. I will continue working on this evening. You can watch me paint live on and If you want your own digital portrait done by me, go get the Prog Legend perk through the crowdfunding campaign link above.

I’ll be in Europe (Netherlands/England) for the next 10 days or so, don’t miss me too much  I’m going to be kicking Kristoffer Gildenlöw’s ass for being slow in delivering his awesome bass lines. Just kidding Kristoffer, take all the time you need. I should be partly blamed for it actually.
Bass lines are 80% done and the mixing process is only a couple of weeks away (no pressure)

I’ll try to keep you entertained from Europe.

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