Working on the New Album

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What a Terrible Year for Music

2016 took away yet another legend. R.I.P.


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My View Right Now

Working on new material.

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Another Dream Comes True Tonight

Today, another life-long dream comes true for me again. A dream that was born in my teenage years, when I heard Pink Floyd for the first time, at the exact moment when David Gilmour plays one of the most iconic guitar solos in the history of rock ‘n roll; Comfortably Numb. My dream of seeing the legend play live will come true tonight.
Hello Toronto! If any of you are going to the show as well and happen to see me, come say hi :)

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Stay Safe Belgium and Turkey

In light of the disgusting events unfolding in ‪‎Belgium‬ today, ‪Turkey‬ last week and ‪‎France‬ last year, I fail to see the future of humanity. There are still cults lurking within us, waiting for the moment to demonstrate hate, induce fear and commit heinous crimes in the name of nothing but fairy tales and ridiculous beliefs.

If we; the civilized society, do not take a step towards the right direction, we will be the ones who keep paying the price.
This is a call for all of us to do all we can, to educate the ignorant and get rid of all make-believe ideologies.

I hope you guys are all safe.


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