IndieGogo: Album Crowdfunding Campaign

I launched a crowdfunding campaign yesterday to get some help from you guys and fund the mixing and production stage. Backers will get some very unique and exclusive perks.

Go check out the Campaign page on IndieGogo.

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New Album Teaser #1

Craig Blundell and I worked on this video all day, get ready to have your minds blown!

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Craig Blundell On Drums

Craig Blundell

I’m extremely honored and excited to announce Frost* and Steven Wilson drummer Craig Blundell who will be playing drums on the new Semantic Saturation album.

Craig is laying down the drum tracks as we speak, and the songs I wrote are suddenly starting to come to life, and I hope they will stay alive in many of you for a long time.

I announce the rest of the musicians in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned.

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Free CDs all Weekend!

Update: Obviously this was an Aprils’ fools joke. CDs will never be free, I got bills to pay.

Hey folks. Solipsistic CD bundles are free this weekend, (only pay shipping).

Simply follow this link and click on “GET CD FOR FREE” button.


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Still Alive

Woah! Just noticed my last post was in December. So, uh… Happy new year I guess :D No worries I’m not dead. Even though I’m almost dying from this bad cold.

So while I’m here let me do a quick update regarding the new album. I’m done recording and fine tuning the guitar tracks, currently I’m waiting for the unnamed guest vocalist to be available so we can work together on the vocal tracks, once we’re done with that I will send everything to the drummer to start working on all songs, and then the rest of the musicians one by one.

That’s pretty much it. The waiting game started.

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